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16.03.2017 - Posted by Matt Francey
We are seeking to appoint a Regional Manager for our Melbourne Office. 

You will have a background in environmental science, engineering or economics and will be able to demonstrate skills and passion for leading teams of professionals. Our Melbourne office currently has 25 staff with a mixture of environmental science, engineering, and social science backgrounds.
You will have a strong understanding of financial and project management, and a demonstrated history in the implementation of initiatives to drive business performance. We highly value people who can work across the various geographies and technical areas of Alluvium to deliver the best outcome for our clients. 
Applications close April 7th. Send your cover letter and resume and/or request for a copy of the position description to

River Basin Planning and Management – Policy and Institutional Framework Assessment (India)

25.11.2016 - Posted by Lucy Moon

India is a country facing considerable challenges in water policy, planning and management. With a population of 1.25 Billion, more than 15% of the world’s population, it has only 4% of the world’s freshwater resources. This large population and limited water supplies, coupled with strong economic growth, has led to growing imbalances in supply and demand.
Alluvium International is providing river basin modelling and water policy/regulatory expertise on a Australian Water Partnership funded team tasked with advising on river basin planning in India. The Secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources,  River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation has requested that the team develop a User Guide for River Basin Planning and Implementation in India. To inform the development of the User Guide, the team are undertaking a review of river basin planning policy and regulatory frameworks in India to identify recommendations on possible policy reform options, including appropriate policy frameworks and related institutional and legal mechanisms to support effective basin planning and governance in the country. 
The project is closely linked to a broader Government of India and World Bank funded program to strengthen the institutions and water information required for integrated water resources management in India. Our role is to look at the best approach to harnessing the investment in data and modelling systems to enable river basin planning, and to how shape the legislative and regulatory information to promote basin planning .
The Krishna Basin, covering areas of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, has been selected as a pilot study to demonstrate how the proposed reforms can support effective river basin planning.
To date, the team has undertaken a review of river basin planning policy and regulatory frameworks in India. The purpose of the review is to: i) document the existing policy and regulatory framework for water management and river basin planning in India, both nationally and at the state level focussing on the riparian states of the Krishna Basin; and ii) provide a comparison of the Indian policy and regulatory context against global best practice for river basin planning and the policy framework developed for the Murray Darling Basin. Following the review the team has made a identified a series of opportunities for river basin planning in India and are now undergoing consultation with stakeholders in India.

Following consultation on the review, the team will work closely with counterparts in India to develop the User Guide for River Basin Planning and Implementation in India. The team will work closely with counterparts in India to develop the User Guide for River Basin Planning and Implementation in India.

Delivering integrated solutions

24.11.2016 - Posted by Kane Travis

Over the past decade Alluvium has grown to 55 professional staff over 5 offices over the eastern states. Having been involved in the business for over a decade I have seen Alluvium mature. We have grown technically, have much stronger governance, and increasingly become an employer of choice as the brand becomes more established.

The technical growth has been in response to where we see market opportunities, which is either industry growth or where clients are seeking a new approach to decision making and solving problems.
We have taken a different path in our growth to other businesses and deliberately created new entities having their own board and delivery structure. We are convinced that this approach ensures client responsiveness and technical excellence.  
Alluvium now services our clients through four separate entities; Alluvium Consulting, Natural Capital Economics, Alluvium International and Rural Water Advisory.
Although independent, these businesses have been set up to enable the sharing of skills across the group. Our aim is to deliver services in a highly integrated way across the broader Alluvium family but maintain the focus on niche quality and service. We remained highly committed to making a difference to the world we live in.

We're hiring!

13.09.2016 - Posted by Lucy Moon
We’re looking for an exceptional graduate scientist, or early careers professional, to join our team in Melbourne. If you’re interested, click here for more information on the role and how to apply.

A word from Alluvium's new Senior Water Resources Engineer, Mark Wainwright

8.09.2016 - Posted by Lucy Moon

I started working with Alluvium in mid-August 2016 and will be working closely with the Sydney team from my base in Newcastle. I previously worked for BMT WBM (formerly WBM Oceanics Australia for those old enough to remember) in Newcastle for around 14 years. My most recent role at WBM was as NSW Urban Water Team Leader where I was responsible for managing a small team of engineers and scientists across their Sydney and Newcastle offices.    
The seed for my career in urban catchment management was probably sown in the mind of a boy playing in creeks and exploring stormwater drainage pipe lines in southern Adelaide. Later on my school holidays were often spent playing until sunset with friends in and around local creeks in south-western Sydney.  
Over the last 20 years of my career I have focused on improving my understanding of urban development impacts on receiving environments including groundwater, creeks, wetlands, rivers, estuaries and coastal lakes. I believe it is important to gain a good appreciation of both the catchment processes and the receiving environments to ensure that any interventions in the catchment will be well targeted.  
My recent experience has focused on the planning of future urban development in NSW and managing the impacts of existing development. Typically, this has included catchment modelling, development of WSUD strategies, preparation of planning and design guidelines, concept design, peer reviews and assistance with the preparation of developer contribution plans.    

My time outside of work is largely spent sharing my time between family (often ferrying teenagers in Uber mode - although without the financial benefits) and chasing a small white ball around a golf course with a pack of like-minded addicts (avoiding creeks, ponds, lakes, stormwater drains and other waterways wherever I can). I assist with coaching junior golfers in Newcastle so that one day they can suffer similarly to me with the game. I also enjoy playing guitar (badly) and live music with friends when I can escape for a night. I hope to make my way to Neptune Islands near Port Lincoln one day to cage dive with great white sharks.