New Benchmark in Diversion Strategy

New Benchmark in Diversion Strategy

20.04.2012 - Posted by Kane Travis

Alluvium recently featured in a Special Profile on the BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance published in the Australian Mining Review.

The editorial describes the history of poorly designed waterway diversions in the Bowen basin and subsequent erosion which not only impacted on the health of the waterway and downstream environment, but also threatened ongoing mining operations.

Our recent work at the Peak Downs mine site and now at the new Caval Ridge mine brought together a comprehensive understanding of regional geomorphic, hydrologic and hydraulic processes to design waterway diversions that worked with the river processes, not against them. The outcomes lead to greater confidence in mine operations, but importantly for us, led to an improvement in rver stability, health and environmental values.

Cherwell Creek diversion prior to rehabilitation works

Cherwell Creek diversion 6 years post rehabilitation work

Cherwell Creek diversion 10 years post rehabilitation work