Identifying current values and a vision for South Creek

Identifying current values and a vision for South Creek

4.04.2017 - Posted by Kane Travis
On Thursday last week Tony Weber, Matt Francey and Richard McManus led a workshop with the NSW Environment Protection Agency investigating options for a Protection of the Environment Policy (PEP) for South Creek. South Creek runs south to north in the western suburbs of Sydney, and is currently 20% urbanised.
Future urban development, Sydney's second airport and associated employment lands will see the catchment urbanisation increase to 80% in the next 40 years or so.
This will obviously have a major impact on the water environment including water quality, geomorphology, riparian zones, biodiversity and ecology.
The project is seeking to identify current values and a vision for the creek, with the PEP being a piece of the puzzle to bring together a range of environmental values and as an catalyst to work with other state and local agencies.