Rising to the challenge of water reform

Rising to the challenge of water reform

24.12.2009 - Posted by Kane Travis
I’ve recently spent some time in Canberra with the Federal authorities that look after our water resources and have become a lot more aware of both the scale of the water reform tasks we have set ourselves and the level of energy and dedication of agency staff to rise to the challenge.

Firstly the Murray-Darling Basin Authority is highly focused on the release of the Basin Plan for discussion in 2010 and commencement in 2011. The Basin Plan will for the first time bring together the surface water, groundwater and environmental resources of the Murray–Darling Basin to be managed as to a single, legally enforceable plan. Key to the plan is the setting and enforcing of the environmental sustainable limits on the quantities of surface water and groundwater that may be taken.

Walking over to BOM the scale of the challenge is no less daunting. By 2010 the Bureau will produce a set of national water accounts, underpinned by a national water monitoring and data collection network. This integrated national accounting system for water will be freely accessible to the public.

There is a massive level of reform in our water sector and if you are interested in reading more click on the following links. MDBA Basin Plan Concept Statement, National Water Accounts