Congratulations Dr Zavadil!

Congratulations Dr Zavadil!

23.02.2010 - Posted by Dom Blackham
Congratulations from everyone at Alluvium to Elisa Zavadil on successfully passing her Ph.D! Elisa's research, carried out at Melbourne University, examined the spatial scales used by river scientists to understand how river ecosystems function. Elisa developed relationships between channel size, shape and flow at a range of scales commonly used in ecology, hydrology and geomorphology. The application of spatial scale hierarchies in these disciplines has increased significantly in the last twenty years. Examples of the characterisation of flow hydraulics at the reach-scale are illustrated in the images below.

Reach-scale hydraulics: no perceptible flow

Reach-scale hydraulics: rippled flow

The objective of Elisa's research was to improve our understanding of the interactions between these disciplines and to contribute to water resource management for the protection of river ecosystems.

You can read more about Elisa's research in her thesis abstract or by contacting her at [email protected]