Locals in the Surat Basin

Locals in the Surat Basin

19.02.2013 - Posted by Selene Conn
Thought I would share some of the photos of the locals I met during my recent trip to the Surat Basin

We found this Bearded Dragon warming up on some recently burnt grasslands along a tributary of the Condamine River. It was hanging out under this tuft of regrowth, and then flared up when I moved the camera towards its face to show off its broad back and his spikey beard. I also got a great look at the amazing orange lining inside it's mouth, but unfortunately missed the shot as I was jumping backwards at the time…

This one is a male Eastern Water Dragon that I found warming up in this shallow pond north of Miles. You can tell he is male because of the dark line running back from his eyes. This photo was taken right before he took off and proceeded to run bi-pedaly about 5 meters along the waters surface before plunging into the pool. He was about 65cm long and had an amazing greeney-rainbow shimmer to its skin.

We saw a small Eastern Grey Kangaroo swimming across the Condamine River - I thought this was amazing as I didn’t know they could swim, but the water at this point would have been over its head, so it was most certainly swimming! 

And finally, a Lace Monitor gave me a serious fright (and I’m sure I gave it one too) as I must have walked right up to it before it made a HUGE racket running away and up this tree. It was probably over a meter long, and had such amazing patterns.

All of these locals were found near waterways and were probably out and about recovering from the ex-cyclone oswald floods that came through this area the previous week. These creatures are usually found outside of urban areas and need good water quality and lots of trees to be comfortable. Keeping these habitats intact and in good condition will help creatures like this to be around in the future.