Maluga Ponds water quality improvement works

Maluga Ponds water quality improvement works

14.02.2015 - Posted by Andrew McMillan
Maluga Ponds, in Sydney’s south-western suburb of Birrong, were suffering from poor water quality and diminished habitat and landscape value. Working with Bankstown Council, we have designed major upgrade works to improve water quality, habitat value and amenity at the ponds.

Maluga ponds in Sydney’s south-western suburb of Birrong.*

The design, completed by Alexa McAuley, David Knights and Andrew McMillan from our Sydney office, was centred on the principle of transforming the ponds into a more effective stormwater treatment system, while also addressing in-pond water quality, providing habitat of greater diversity and quality, and improving the aesthetics and amenity of the ponds.

A large section of the upstream pond will be transformed into a bioretention system, which has been designed to treat both incoming stormwater flows as well as recirculated flows from the downstream pond in dry times. Large areas of open water will remain, however a fluctuating water level will improve habitat diversity and allow the ponds to function more like a natural system. A new viewing area will complement the works and encourage park visitors to see the ponds in a new light.

Dewatering urban ponds is always interesting...this photo shows the soft sediment that has accumulated from decades of urban stormwater runoff [Source: A. McMillan].

The design was completed in 2013 and Alluvium assisted Council with the tendering process in 2014. David and Andrew are now providing construction-stage advice and assistance to Council.

We enjoy the opportunity to stay involved with all of our design projects though the construction stage and into their operational life. If you'd like to know more about the work at Maluga Ponds or water sensitive urban design, contact me via email ([email protected]) or mobile (0414 484 030). 

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