Eels on Wheels a success!

Eels on Wheels a success!

6.01.2011 - Posted by Kane Travis

The Townsville office crew have been assisting NQ Dry Tropics NRM, designing and constructing a trap to capture young eels (elvers) to transport them around/over otherwise impassable water storage dam walls. In December 2010 the prototype, (affectionately called “Eels on Wheels” because it’s made out of a $50 wheelie bin!) successfully captured its first eels. Several hundred were caught and transported on the first flows of the season over the Ross Dam in Townsville.

Now that the idea has been proven the challenge is to develop a more robust model that can successfully capture thousands of elvers and then duplicate the trap, which will then be used at other dams in the region to make a real difference in returning eels to catchments where they previously common. Thanks are also due to the staff of Townsville City Council that have been checking the trap daily and moving the elvers.


Paul Duncanson (NQ Dry Tropics) and Tyson Smalley (Alluvium) with the “Eels on Wheels” trap and Paul holding one of the captured elvers.