Livingston Creek restoration

Livingston Creek restoration

17.01.2014 - Posted by Clare Ferguson
In early December I attended the official opening of the flood recovery works in Livingstone Park, Omeo, in Victoria’s High Country. Livingstone Creek flows through the park and experienced significant erosion during flooding in mid 2012. Ross Hardie and I designed the flood recovery works (which consisted of three rock chutes, two grass chutes and a series of rock bars), sub-consultants Ethos NRM designed the revegetation program and Stuart Cleven oversaw the construction of the works. The project was run through a partnership between the East Gippsland Shire Council and the North East Catchment Management Authority.

The event was attended by a number of representatives from the CMA, Council, Omeo community, the local primary school and the various contractors who were involved in construction. The speeches highlighted the importance of the successful partnership between the Council and CMA, and how well the two agencies involved the community throughout the project. The mayor commented that while they had expected to get a flood recovery project, they instead got a river improvement project.

After the formal proceedings, CMA and Council staff led the Councillors, community members and  guests for a tour of the park where we explained the different components of the works. As we walked along beside the creek, the group commented on how lovely it was to hear the water flowing over the rock chutes, how they could hear that the frogs had returned, and that fish had been seen in a pool created by one of the rock chutes (which means they’d travelled up two of the three rock chutes to get there). The school children proudly told us how they’d planted thousands of trees as part of the revegetation component of the project.

It’s clearly a special place for the local community, and they were alarmed to see how damaged the creek was when the flood waters receded last year. It really was special to have helped them restore their creek and park, and to join them in celebrating this.

If you find yourself passing through Omeo in the future, make sure you stop off and wander down to Livy Creek!

Vist the Alluvium website for more informaiton.

Before - Looking downstream from the bridge in Livingston Park before flood restoration works in October 2012

After - Looking downstream from the bridge in Livingstone Park after flood restoration works December 2013