Alluvium masterchef - round 3 & 4 wrap up

Alluvium masterchef - round 3 & 4 wrap up

19.07.2010 - Posted by Clare Ferguson
Today saw the last of the preliminary rounds of Alluvium Master Chef before the final round next week determines who is the best cook at Alluvium. It was the toughest round of competition yet, with two kinds of muffins, a hazelnut torte and a plate of bambousa making judging a difficult task. But it was Elisa’s sticky date pudding that was the favourite for the round. Last week was a far healthier round, with entries including rice paper rolls and pitta chips with hommos. However delicious these were, they could not compete with Vicki’s French apple tart before a judging panel with a sweet tooth like that of the Alluvium staff. Congratulations to Elisa and Vicki, who will now compete alongside Amanda and me in the final round next week.

To add an extra challenge for the finalists, each entry must contain a main ingredient selected by Simon before his departure. And the chosen ingredient is...water chestnuts.

Round 4 entries - muffins, stick date pudding, basbousa, muffins again and a hazelnut torte