Off to Hanoi

Off to Hanoi

16.07.2010 - Posted by
Today is my last day at Alluvium - well, at least for a year. I am heading to Vietnam to work in the Vietnamese Government’s Institute of Water Resources Planning (IWARP) as a Water Research Officer. The position is funded as part of the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development program.

The IWARP is an agency under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) of Vietnam. Acting as a research institute and an advisory body to MARD, IWARP formulates water resources development planning throughout Vietnam. Vietnam is facing serious water resources competition and degradation. In its water resources planning and management activities IWARP works on optimisation models for various water uses in river basins. This will become more important in the context of climate change in Vietnam.

My position has a few key tasks to complete in my year at IWARP:
  • Collect and review literature on optimal mathermatical modelling of water resources
  • Conduct training on optimal mathermatical modelling
  • Provide support for the development of optimal mathematical modelling for a Northern Vietnam river system
  • Participate in scenario analysis of modelling of a Northern Vietnam river system.
So although it is sad to be leaving Alluvium for a year I am looking forward to the challenge of working in a government organisation in a developing country, living in such a different culture and most of all to eating in a country known for its delicious and cheap food.