Alluvium Turns Five

Alluvium Turns Five

14.07.2011 - Posted by Kane Travis
On Friday night we celebrated Alluvium’s 5th birthday and Chris Arnott’s contribution to the business.

It was quite a milestone night. It is not possible to celebrate a birthday without some reflection. Over the 5 years we have seen Alluvium grow from a handful of people in Melbourne and Townsville with not much more than a lap top and a mobile phone, to a robust business of almost 40 people in 2011, a new presence in Canberra, and a continued drive to grow the business into areas where we can influence the national debate in river and catchment health, and continue to challenge our people. This success has come from our shared vision of providing outstanding client service and staff opportunities.

After an extended period of leave to consider the world and its opportunities, Chris has decided to seek out new challenges. He always had a 5 year plan and managed to carry off this transition almost to the day. Armed with his passions for making sense of the disorganised, treading the path less travelled, and creating a better world, Chris has decided to unleash his inner entrepreneur and start a new and unrelated business. With an office just down the road in South Melbourne, a phone, laptop and a room full of second hand furniture (sounds familiar) we have no doubt he will be enjoying himself and slowly starting to crank the gears of a new venture. Chris will continue to be available to the Alluvium Team to provide his unique insights into Australia’s waterway and water resources sectors.

Alluvium 2006 – 2011 has been a journey, and with any journey there are the highs and lows which make life interesting. Perhaps the most important aspect to me personally from the night is that the founding staff from 2006 are all still drinking beers together, reflecting on the past and looking forward to the future. This in my book is a very good definition of success.