Community perspectives on livability

Community perspectives on livability

2.07.2013 - Posted by Rob Catchlove
Liveability is a buzz word these days in the water industry. At Monash University there is the ‘Water for Liveability Centre’, Sydney Water has recently created a ‘Liveable City Programs’ and Victorians have the Office of Living Victoria.

But what is liveability? It’s something that others in the water industry and I  have spent a lot of time thinking about recently through various projects, study tours and workshops. However what has been lacking is a more community perspective on this issue. Well no longer.

I am part of a research team (along with a few colleagues at Melbourne Water) that launched a social media campaign this week to ask the question – “what is liveability?"  We are looking for users of Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram to submit photos that represent their place - either work or home.

So have a look at and submit a photo of your place and, better still, tell a friend.

Melbourne's city skyline reflected in the Yarra River at night.

Picutre courtesy of the
Austarlian Broadcasting Commission.