The 8th Australian Stream Management Conference

The 8th Australian Stream Management Conference

28.07.2016 - Posted by Amanda Shipp

The 8th Australian Stream Management Conference will be held in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales from this Sunday to Wednesday. This will be a great opportunity to discuss new challenges and approaches in the management of streams, rivers, wetlands and estuaries throughout Australia.
Mark Stacey is a co-chair of the conference organising committee, and there will be several presentations from Alluvium throughout the program:
Land-sea Sediment Dynamics Of The Mackay Coastal Zone: The Role of Landscape Setting In The Integration Of Waterway, Estuary And Coastline Management.
-Elisa Zavadil, Alluvium, Neville Rosengren, Reef Catchments.
Mary River – Understanding Processes And Values To Inform Planning And Restoration.
-Jacqui Reid, Misko Ivezich, Alluvium, Tim Odgers, Seqwater, Denise Lindon, Sunshine Coast Council, Brad Wedlock, Mary River Catchment Coordination Committee.
I'm Still Thirsty: Ecological Risk Assessment For Prioritising Environmental Water Delivery.
-Nick Marsh, Truii Pty Ltd, Amanda Wealands, Amanda Shipp, Alluvium, Minna Tom, West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority.
Environmental Flows By Proxy – A Case Study From Sarawak, Malaysia. 
-Michael Bain, Elisa Zavadil, Alluvium.
Sorting The Wheat From The Chaff In The Merricks Creek Estuary.
-Ross Hardie, Alluvium.
Are Victoria's Wetlands Changing? The Development Of A Method To Systematically Monitor The Extent, Water Regime And Vegetation Characteristics Of All Mapped Wetlands. 
-Mark Stacey, Alluvium, Peter Caccetta, Joanne Chia, CSIRO, David Barratt, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.
Reducing Sediment Loads To The Great Barrier Reef From The O'Connell River.
-Chris Dench, Reef Catchments, Misko Ivezich, Alluvium.
We look forward to seeing you all there.