Victoria leads the way on Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Victoria leads the way on Murray-Darling Basin Plan

7.06.2013 - Posted by Kane Travis
In a very encouraging move for river health, Victoria has become the first state to sign up to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. As expected, the agreement involves funding for Victoria to support the development of environmental offset projects to reduce the amount of water that needs to be recovered from farmers. Under the deal, Victoria will get $14.3 million over three years to plan new environment works and an additional $47.4 million over eight years for the costs of putting the Basin Plan into effect.

Federal Water Minister Tony Burke commented that ''Once the agreement is concluded with all states, there is nothing left but implementation. Victoria signing on means there are four jurisdictions to go and I'm optimistic about the coming weeks.''

Well done Victoria; let’s hope taking the first step will lead the way for other states to sign up and the plan can be implemented across the whole basin.

ABC photo of the Murray River between Blanchetown and Morgan
in South Australia