Ipswich Integrated Water Strategy nominated for a Healthy Waterways award

Ipswich Integrated Water Strategy nominated for a Healthy Waterways award

17.06.2015 - Posted by Dan O'Halloran
Learning that the Ipswich City Council’s Integrated Water Strategy is in the running for a Queensland 2015 Healthy Waterways Award has made my day [see the nomination here.]

Image of a rural creek in Ipswich local government area

Image source: Healthy Waterways

I was fortunate to be part of the Alluvium team engaged in October 2013 to assist Ipswich City Council to set the scene for developing the Integrated Water Strategy. We helped Council assess the current state of the water cycle in Ipswich. Following that we helped them assess and classify waterways across the entire local government area.

I encourage everyone to go online and vote for the Ipswich Integrated Water Strategy. The project was the first time water cycle data from across stakeholder organisations had been collated and presented in one place to provide a snapshot of Ipswich’s water cycle. An important outcome was the recognition of the linear nature of the water cycle, the role of the Bremer River to convey stormwater, wastewater and industrial waste away from Ipswich, and the challenges that this approach is likely to present in the future, with a growing population and land use changes.

Congratulations to Ipswich City Council (in particular, Emma O’Neil and the NRM team) and the IWS Project Steering Committee for this great achievement. And (on a personal note) to my Alluvium team – Steve Skull, Karen White and Jacqui Reid – take a moment today to pause and feel proud of the part you played helping inform this project too.

The full strategy is available on the Ipswich City Council website, along with a summary version.

And don't forget to vote (voting closes soon, with announcements to be made Friday 19 June 2015)!