Source catchments as water quality treatment assets

Source catchments as water quality treatment assets

9.06.2016 - Posted by Steve Skull

In a highly regulated environment, Water Authorities need to illustrate successful mitigation of water quality risk, and historically it has been easiest to invest in filtration and chemical treatments.  
There is however a growing weight of evidence that investing in the health of water supply catchments can be a cost effective way to supplement the more intensive treatment solutions. Alluvium led a consortium including Marsden Jacob Associates to develop a framework for best practice catchment management investment in impaired multi use landscapes.  
Our work involved the development of an Investment Standard. The Standard described the key steps and practices that needed to develop a defendable investment framework in catchment management, specifically designed to meet regulatory investment standards and alignment with investment frameworks applied in water utilities. The Standard was supplemented with a searchable database of economic and financial benefit values, and an Investment Assessment Tool to help users to prepare financial and / or economic analysis of investments they are considering.
The Catchment Management Investment Standard was developed in close collaboration with the Water Research Foundation and water utilities from both Australia and the United States. This work will enable stronger business cases for catchment management as a viable alternative to more capital intensive (traditional) investments. 
Further information on the framework and the tools and case studies supporting each element is now available via the link below.