Managing Melbourne’s waterways

Managing Melbourne’s waterways

10.03.2015 - Posted by Lucy Moon
Melbourne Water is the caretaker of river health for more than 8,400 km of waterways across the Port Phillip and Westernport region, and one of the leading catchment and waterway management agencies in Australia. We were therefore very pleased to recently be appointed to a new technical services panel that will provide all of Melbourne Water’s River Health and Developer Service needs for the next three years.  As one of only three consultants appointed in these technical areas, we are proud to be able to continue to support Melbourne Water in advancing the science and management of waterways, support more sustainable management of urban water, and enhance the liveability of our communities. 
To provide an integrated service offering for the panel, we partnered with the leading scientists, engineers, economists and communication professionals in the Australian water industry. Our team comprises Water Technology, Marsden Jacob Associates (MJA), Biosis, Thompson Berrill Landscape Design (TBLD), Mendleson Communication and Beca.