The Alluvium water leadership program

The Alluvium water leadership program

20.03.2015 - Posted by Matt Francey

One of the big issues facing a medium sized consultancy like ours is that of personal development. Our people are technical experts and are recognised as such but taking time out from the day to day and working on ‘how’ we do things instead of ‘what’ we do is an ongoing challenge. To improve in this area last year we worked with Andre Taylor and the International Water Centre to develop a leadership course specifically for Alluvium which focused on the twin topics of leadership and systems thinking. Seven of our staff from around Australia participated in the course which involved residential sessions, discussions with prominent industry people and some self reflection about strengths and weaknesses.

It’s safe to say that the program has been a huge success. There has been very positive feedback on the course from participants and their co-workers. We have had unsolicited, very positive, feedback from clients and partners about the noticeable change in individuals. Some of the direct results have included Misko Ivezich playing an instrumental role in setting up a River Basin Management Society chapter in Queensland ( and Luke Sunner playing a similar role by starting a Townsville Waterway discussion group for practitioners in the region. Another large positive for us is that Alluvium people from across Australia got to spend time together and develop the relationships upon which our business depends.

Based on this success we are running the program again. Congratulations to Jo, Luke, Greg, Stu, Misko, Rachel and Rob who completed the program last year. Thanks to Andre Taylor/Brian McIntosh for running the course and Jude Munro and Leith Boully for their perspectives on our industry. The International Water Centre have some further detail on the program on their website :