ACF adding water to Hattah Lakes

ACF adding water to Hattah Lakes

5.05.2010 - Posted by
Water purchased by the Australian Conservation Foundation for delivery to Hattah Lakes has just been released. This purchase was done through their Just Add Water campaign  – a campaign to purchase 200 million litres through public donations. They had huge support for the campaign and were able to purchase double the amount of water initially targeted.

Yesterday the water (400 million litres) started to be delivered to Hattah Lakes. Paul Sinclair (ACF Healthy ecosystems program manager) and Howard Jones (local irrigator) were interviewed on Bush Telegraph (ABC Radio National) and provide interesting insight to the long term water management challenges in the Murray Darling Basin. Have a listen here.

ACF has real time photos of the watering on their website. The images are being captured and transmitted remotely through solar powered cameras placed at Hattah Lakes. Would like to say watching the photos are more engaging than watching paint dry but hey, ecosystem response takes time!