Riverina Red Gum Forests update

Riverina Red Gum Forests update

27.05.2010 - Posted by
Further to my post on 3.03.2010, the NSW Government has announced that further negotiations on the River Red Gums Reservations Bill has led to an amendment for immediate preservation of the Millewa Group of forests and an increased compensation package for structural adjustment and community development associated with cessation of logging (click here for the press release).

From July 1, the River Red Gums forests agreement will protect more than 100,000 ha of river red gum forests and woodlands in national parks, regional parks and Indigenous Protected Areas in the Riverina region of NSW.

The Bill follows recommendations made by the independent Natural Resources Commission (NRC) after their report in 2009 found that the forests were facing severe stress as a result of the combined effect of river regulation, the over-allocation of water and drought. With the latest amendment, the forests agreement now adopts all of the key recommendations made by the NRC.