CSL fellowship graduation

CSL fellowship graduation

18.11.2009 - Posted by Amanda Wealands

The Centre for Sustainability Leadership (CSL) Fellowship Graduation Gala evening was held last night, where I and our new graduate recruit Chloe Hanson-Boyd, graduated from the 8 month course. CSL is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to empower emerging sustainability leaders. To borrow from the CSL quip; “We’ve tried to get people in positions of power to care, now we’re going to get people who care into positions of influence”.

Every Tuesday night for the past 8 months, Chloe and I have joined a diverse group of leaders from Melbourne to understand and enact behavioural and social change through projects on the fellowship. We have learnt and grown from the many fantastic mentors and speakers who have inspired us each and every week to envisage and create a more sustainable world. Despite formally graduating from the fellowship, last night’s graduation event marks the beginning of a much longer journey for Chloe and I to pursue our keen interest and passion for environmental sustainability, with the continued support of the alumni network.

The annual report details the plethora of projects and incredible leaders with which we’ve had the delight to have been able to share the experiences of the fellowship with. For more information on CSL, click here.