Native Fish - for love not money!

Native Fish - for love not money!

1.11.2010 - Posted by Kane Travis
Townsville Natural Resources Manager, Jason Carter recently had a book published (co-authored with fish ecologist Jim Tait) by north Queensland regional natural resources management organization NQ Dry Tropics. The book is aimed at the general public and describes the range of freshwater fish species to be found in the NY Dry Tropics region (principally the Burdekin River system). It took nearly three years to collect the specimens, take photographs, prepare drawings and get it all finalized; a task done for love not money, as all the photographs, illustrations and time to write the text was provided at no cost, because the authors love the subject so much!

There are 53 locally occurring native species of freshwater fish in the NQ Dry Tropics region,  although marine species are recorded frequently enough in freshwater habitats to be considered part of the region’s freshwater fish community. Species include Barramundi, Jungle Perch and Rainbow Fish.

Copies of the book “Freshwater Fishes of the Burdekin Dry Tropics Region” can be obtained through NQ Dry Tropics at: