Alluvium welcomes Josh Tait to the team - Civil Engineer/Law

Alluvium welcomes Josh Tait to the team - Civil Engineer/Law

11.11.2014 - Posted by Rachel England
Alluvium welcomes Josh Tait to the team – endurance junkie, civil engineer + law!

Josh Tait running a marathon

Here is a personal message from Josh to you:

I recently graduated from a double degree in Civil Engineering and Law. To be frank, it was a long time coming – 6.5 years in fact. Nonetheless, I am very pleased to have swapped my time in lecture halls and exams for the engaging and welcoming environment at Alluvium.

I am very excited to be working in a company that is passionate about the sustainability of our water resources, rivers and catchments. In fact, I concluded pretty quickly that I am going to enjoy working life after I overheard on my first day a conversation in the kitchen about a wetland design.

I am a keen outdoorsmen. Actually, I am probably better described as a ‘wannabe’ outdoorsmen living in the city. I love the mountains, forests and seas. This is where my interest in pursuing sustainable water solutions began and I predict that my appreciation for the outdoors will keep me motivated throughout my career. At university I was introduced to integrated urban water management, which was a highlight of my time there, and I would also like to broaden my understanding in designing solutions for natural waterways. I am also interested in the progression of water policy in Australia and I look forward to contributing to the discussion.

Another important part of my life is my pursuit to be a successful endurance athlete. I invest a good portion of each week into staying fit and healthy. I even took the step of selling my car and trading it for a bicycle. I think I have successfully become an endurance junkie. My next goal is the iron-distance triathlon in Wanaka (NZ) in February. Stay tuned for an update….Josh.