Waterway professionals in Townsville

Waterway professionals in Townsville

30.11.2014 - Posted by Luke Sunner
Earlier this year I was looking to find a new way to get involved and engage with the local water management industry in the Townsville region. Research into the local professional groups revealed a gap in this space. The option was to create one, or join some other related group. I chose the former.

I’ve been passionate about waterways for a long time. I believe that waterway management is important for the reef, healthy catchments, resilient fauna and flora species, and for a long-term productive agricultural industry.

An opportunity to reach out to people from a number of key organisations arose through the 7th Australian Stream Management Conference* held in Townsville in July. I made a pitch to start a group and it seemed be well received. Since then the Townsville waterway discussion group has met on three occasions with people from Townsville City Council, North Queensland Dry Tropics, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and local consultants.

My vision is for this newly formed group to provide:
  • individuals with information on what others are doing that they would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn about
  • an opportunity to engage and connect with each other
  • an opportunity to break down corporate barriers and identify areas of common ground where people can help each other
  • opportunities to band together to help make a positive difference to the world we live in through a common interest to better manage our waterways and connected environments.
If you are interested in joining the group please contact me via [email protected] 

* The 7ASM Conference management committee was chaired by Alluvium's Director and Senior Engineer - Ross Hardie. Our staff authored 4 peer reviewed professional papers for the conference:

Design Evolution of Watercourse Diversions in Central Queensland Coal Mines. Karen M White, Ross E Hardie, Rohan Lucas, John Merritt, Bernie Kirsh.

The use of geospatial and hydro-geomorphic analyses to prioritise stream restoration at the catchment scale. Misko Ivezich, Dominic Blackham, Steve Skull.

The role of strategic vegetation establishment in the management of disturbed coarse-grained river systems. Elisa Zavadil, Dominic Blackham, Ross Hardie, Stuart Cleven, Misko Ivezich.

Channel change in Blackfellow Creek, Lockyer Valley. Misko Ivezich, Ross Hardie, Dominic Blackham, Elisa Zavadil.

The papers can be downloaded from the 7ASM Conference 'program' page: http://www.7asm.org.au/program-12/