Climate Change Science

Climate Change Science

3.11.2017 - Posted by Kane Travis

At Alluvium we have always believed that the value of our work is measured in our capacity to make a difference to the world we live in.

This extends to our work on natural resources and on the communities that rely on them for their quality of life. Over recent months we have turned our attention to climate change and adaptation measures and have been awarded two very different, but very important projects. 

In Melbourne Natural Capital Economics and Alluvium have teamed to deliver an Economic Vulnerability Assessment of Extreme Heat to Victoria. Working for DELWP, this work extends from infrastructure and rural production, through to impacts on urban populations. The work is a perfect example of where science and economics needs to be highly integrated to produce meaningful project outcomes. 
Heading about as far north as you can go we are helping the Douglas Shire Council in North Queensland to develop their Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy. Teaming with JBP our work here is focused on helping to build coastal communities understanding and resilience to future increased storm severity and sea level rises.