What is your data style?

What is your data style?

3.10.2011 - Posted by Rob Catchlove
Last Friday Greg More (Oom Creative) came to our office and presented his latest work in data visualisation. Data visualisation is the process of analysing and visualising data in new ways, essentially presenting something we used to do through bar charts and exploring it and rethinking what it says.

Greg has worked with Melbourne Water, ARUP, DPI, Enterprise Architects and is now doing a data design residency with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.  Have a look at the Melbourne Water website for an animation of Melbourne's water storages, rivers and sewage network.

Oom Creative at the State of Design 2010:  Creating Liveable Cities exhibition

It is a pretty interesting area. We work with massive amounts of data for almost every project, and it makes me think about how we present that and how to visualise the data to not only communicate results in reports but to look for meanings and insights as you go.

The most interesting thing Greg said in my opinion was ‘companies will have data styles just as they have brand styles’. With the general movement towards more data transparency and access, that opens up something entirely new. What will our data style be and how could that improve water resource management?