Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work

22.10.2014 - Posted by Leonie Duncan
There are no on-demand masseurs, fresh juice stations or funky break out spaces in our offices like you might find in an IT start-up. Nor do our staff receive an extra day of annual leave on our birthday like some companies offer (although that would be nice…), but the results are now in and Alluvium is pleased as punch to be sitting at #16 in Australia on the 2014 Best Places to Work list for companies our size.

This list, recently published by BRW online and Boss Magazine (Australian Financial Review), is coordinated by the Great Place to Work Institute - a global research, consulting and training firm that works with 5500 organisations in 50 countries.

Alluvium has been participating in their Best Places to Work program for a few years now. It involves a confidential staff survey and a culture audit submission. The survey consists of around 50 questions that assess organisational culture across five dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie. The results provide a useful insight into where we are doing well, but – more importantly – where we could do better, thus helping us to guide future investment into improving our company culture.

According to the GPTW institute, fundamentally a great workplace is one where employees:
  • Trust the people they work for
  • Have pride in what they do, and
  • Enjoy the people they work with.

Alluvium’s Elisa and Stuart enjoying one of the perks of working in the NRM industry: a field trip on the lower Latrobe River with clients from the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority.

By this measure, we have a lot to thank our clients for: it is the positive relationships we enjoy and the interesting projects we get engaged in that makes our work so meaningful.

Oh but to have a pick’n’mix lolly dispenser in the office…now that would be nice….