Helping out at Melbourne Girls' College

Helping out at Melbourne Girls' College

30.10.2014 - Posted by Mark Stacey
At Alluvium we get involved in the occasional pro bono and community group projects. We have a lot of staff that are passionate about environmental issues and are often involved in various community campaigns.

A recent initiative of a few of our staff in Melbourne involves supporting a Year 10 class at Melbourne Girls' College (in Richmond). We are supporting them with a water audit and then hopefully we’ll help them go through a process of designing and building some productive gardens / raingardens. At the moment we working with, and very much inspired by MGC teacher and sustainability coordinator Andrew Vance (some of this recent work is here).   We’ll keep you posted as to how this project rolls out.

Mark helping with the audit at Melbourne Girls College

Hydroponic vertical gardens from a past project (Source: Melbourne Girls' College).