Raingarden specialist Harry Virahsawmy joins Alluvium

Raingarden specialist Harry Virahsawmy joins Alluvium

19.10.2014 - Posted by Rachel England
Alluvium welcomes raingarden and urban water specialist Harry Virahsawmy to our team! 

Harry is a great addition to our urban water management team, which includes (just to name a few!) Jonathon McLean, Matt Francey, Rob Catchlove, David Knights, Dan O’Halloran, Richard McManus and Alexa McAuley.If you have a raingarden or urban stormwater question, we invite you to make contact with Harry.

Here is a personal message from Harry to you:

Before joining Alluvium, I spent four years working on my PhD studying the long-term hydraulic performance and water balance of raingardens. My research focused on improving the design and maintenance of raingardens, and is the part of a larger research program at Melbourne University looking at improving urban stormwater management (http://thewerg.org/).

The transition from research to consulting is exciting as it has given me a chance to put good ideas and solutions into practice. I’ve also found my links to academia complement my work and am very pleased that Alluvium is keen for me to keep up my research and academic pursuits.

I still spend a fair bit of my weekend finalising my research and I am teaching a subject at Melbourne University on Urban Water management one day a week. The students are very enthusiastic about integrating stormwater into the urban landscape; hopefully we will see this and the next generation increasingly engaged in this area.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing soccer, spending time with my family (I have a 2.5 year old toddler) and taking a trip to nearby Philip Island. Something about the place reminds me of the Island of Mauritius where I grew up before moving to Australia.