New Board Appointments

New Board Appointments

8.10.2015 - Posted by Kane Travis
After a very long and quite exhaustive process, we are very pleased to announce the appointment of two non-executive directors to the Alluvium Board.

Dr Neil Byron and Professor Barry Hart have joined the Alluvium Board to increase governance oversight, build stronger relationships with universities and key government agencies, and increase the science, engineering and economic rigour of the products we deliver. Both Neil and Barry will also play an active role in mentoring staff.

It was quite a journey for us and with over 140 applicants, all which had extraordinary skills, it was a very difficult shortlisting process. Ultimately our approach was driven strongly by two factors. Firstly our strategic aims which includes growth both geographically and technically. Secondly our leadership and culture that will become a focus for the business in the future.

We would like to thank applicants for making the time to apply and talk with us and look forward working with Barry and Neil.

Dr Neil Byron

Professor Barry Hart