Engaging with complexity in the Mekong

Engaging with complexity in the Mekong

5.10.2017 - Posted by Simon Tilleard
Having spent almost 10 years living and/or working on water resources issues within the Mekong Basin, I have seen first-hand the complexity and challenges facing water management. Water scarcity, flood, transboundary management, competing users and climate change are real challenges that government, NGOs, academia and the private sector are working on every day to address. This complexity and uncertainty needs to be acknowledged and engaged with, particularly in a basin where the conclusions are dynamic and the stakes are high (60 million people live in the basin!). 
Along with a few colleagues who have also worked in the region, I was recently surprised to read a paper in the well-respected Asia and Pacific Policy Society that overlooked many of these important complexities whilst calling for improved water governance in the region. So we wrote a response to emphasise that enhancing transboundary water governance in the Mekong region is a worthy goal, but it needs to be grounded in evidence, analysis and an understanding of the context.
See the response here