Rural Water Advisory up and going

Rural Water Advisory up and going

24.10.2017 - Posted by Kane Travis

Very happy to announce our new subsidiary venture designed to support sustainable water resource management and development in the rural sector.
Rural Water Advisory (RWA) operates under an independent Board and focuses on supporting landholders, rural water suppliers and local Councils to work in partnership with Commonwealth and State Governments delivering modernisation and water saving projects.
Leveraging science and engineering skills from Alluvium and Economics from Natural Capital Economics, RWA seeks to provide a new, independent and highly skilled practice to respond to water policy, planning with design challenges in the rural sector.  Our work benefits regional communities, the agricultural sector and the health of rural waterways.
RWA has been busy for 12 months aligning commonwealth needs and with private sector needs and most recently has been supporting the NSW Government to prepare EOI applications and preliminary business cases for water infrastructure projects to receive funding under the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund. 
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