Hi, I'm Rob

Hi, I'm Rob

23.09.2010 - Posted by Rob Catchlove
I started at Alluvium this month after previously working at Melbourne Water and the Bureau of Meteorology. This blog post is a bit of background on where I’ve come from prior to joining Alluvium and includes a nice photo from my holiday in South Australia.

I left Melbourne Water after almost 5 years there in the Stormwater Quality and Communications teams. I started at Melbourne Water as the project manager for the Lower Yarra Litter Strategy between 2005 and 2007. This job was a tricky one in that I was responsible for getting 4 state and 4 local councils to work collaboratively on reducing litter going into the Yarra. We took some innovative approaches to working across council, and getting stuff down on the ground – like the “walking steering committee meeting” where we went down Victoria St in Richmond instead of being in a meeting room.

From 2008 – 2010 I had a role managing social research at Melbourne Water. This position coordinated all social research projects. This included various projects that looked to understand community attitudes to water issues, community knowledge of waterways, stakeholder perceptions of a particular program at Melbourne Water, process of engaging and changing behaviours and so on. An interesting project that I just finished was project managing the “Creating Liveable Cities” exhibition, an exhibition that was part of the State of Design Festival and used designers to interpret what a water sensitive city is and what it looks like. An outcome from the exhibition was the development of a blog to document and invite discussion around the vision of a water sensitive city and the on ground implementation.

I also have some experience in hydrology, flood forecasting, climate modelling and meteorology from working at the Bureau of Meteorology. I still check out the latest rainfall and river info at www.bom.gov.au/australia/flood/ and www.bom.gov.au/jsp/watl/rainfall/

Just before I started at Alluvium I went on a road trip to South Australia with my family and we visited the Flinders Rangers and Fleurieu Peninsula. The Sturt's Desert Pea was looking spectacular in the northern part of the Flinders and here is one of the photos we took.