Capacity Building in South Australia

Capacity Building in South Australia

14.09.2012 - Posted by Rob Catchlove
Jonathon McLean and I recently attended the 10 year anniversary of Clearwater, the Victorian water industry’s capacity building program set up in 2002. From an initial focus on stormwater, Clearwater continues to evolve and is now moving from delivering technical information to the more important role of facilitating integrated water management. This is driven by the complexity of urban water problems, Australia’s growing population, a new policy on liveability, and new research. Thanks to the Clearwater team for putting on such a good event; we had audio-visual displays, cakes, photos, posters and canvases to write on.

The journey of capacity building in Australia in urban water management continues. Some programs focus on technical delivery, some on guidelines, some on advocacy and some on all of the above.

Shaun Cox (Managing Director of Melbourne Water) indicated, at the Clearwater anniversary, that the budget for Clearwater over the past ten years was equivalent to about one and a half wetlands. Not much really!

We have been contemplating capacity building options and models recently as Alluvium (with Kate Black Consulting) are currently working on Water Sensitive SA, a capacity building model for Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), managed by the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board.

Site tour to Lochiel Park Green Village conducted as part of the project.

Seven agencies and industry groups are funding this important initiative designed to develop the nation’s best capacity building program linked to policy, industry groups and research institutions. This project is supported by an unprecedented have 16 industry groups. It is a pleasure to work with so many passionate and experienced people in SA. We are off to a great start and will keep you posted on further developments.