We specialise in providing science-based advice and services to catchment and water-related environmental issues.  We work across both urban and rural sectors.

We do not try to be a business that delivers everything to everyone.  We have a niche set of technical skills and strive to be the national leaders in our fields of expertise.

The following provides a complete set of skills we offer.

Strategy and business planning:
  • Target and objective setting
  • Investment frameworks and business cases
  • Natural resource management policy and program development
  • Evaluation
  • Governance and performance assessment
  • Strategy development

Water resource management:
  • Environmental flow determination
  • Water resource management frameworks
  • Policy and strategy
  • Audit and evaluation

Waterway planning and rehabilitation:
  • Waterway activity plans
  • Fluvial geomorphology
  • Sediment transport
  • Erosion and stabilisation
  • Hydraulic assessment
  • Instream habitat
  • Waterway engineering
  • Diversion design
Catchment planning and rehabilitation:
  • Catchment action plans
  • Ecological risk assessments
  • Catchment rehabilitation strategy
  • Development of drainage schemes

Water sensitive urban design:
  • Objective and target setting
  • Guidelines and tools
  • Potable water conservation strategy and planning
  • Storm and Wastewater reuse 
  • Stormwater treatment and harvesting systems
  • Life cycle costing 
  • Capacity development and training

Monitoring and evaluation:

  • Program evaluation
  • Technical audit and evaluation
  • Development of program logic
  • Strategy and implementation performance assessment
Coastal zone management:
  • Coastal geomorphology
  • Sediment dynamics
  • Integrated planning
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Construction management of instream structures
  • Installation of large wood in waterways

  • Lecturing, training and mentoring