A recipe for natural creeks and amenity in Dandenong Creek

Dandenong Creek is the major waterway flowing through the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, starting in Dandenong Ranges National Park and discharging to Port Phillip Bay near Carrum. Alluvium have worked with Melbourne Water on a range of natural amenity improvements to the creek with a focus on the Ringwood region.

Dandenong Creek is one of the most urbanised and modified creeks in Melbourne (and Australia), but also has a large social value and includes some significant regional assets like Jells Park and Police Paddocks. 

To improve the natural amenity of this section of the creek, Alluvium and TBLD investigated five options that ranged from capital works in daylighting pipes to become constructed waterways, stormwater harvesting, constructing new offstream wetlands, revegetating areas, and weed management.  Our investigation included a review of how the options would impact on flood levels and water quality. 

Our analysis resulted in five poster size graphics that highlighted the potential options, costs, environmental and social benefits and concept layouts.  Melbourne Water is now undertaking further stakeholder consultation and working towards a preferred option and construction in 2015 / 2016.