EcoFutures is a new venture focused on resolving landscape scale ecological issues driven by climate change, fire, flood and drought. We work to advance and apply concepts of ecological resilience, system understanding and the ecological relationships associated with these long-term impacts.

We advise companies, institutions and governments on policy, strategy and planning associated with how to most effectively work with our ecological landscapes. We deliver work from catchment to coasts and everything in between.

So why have we launched this new venture?

Alluvium Consulting was formed in 2006 and we understood very early on that clients responded positively to the technical specialisation of the business and the quality of the outcomes that were being produced as a result.

From the start, we have focused on getting the right staff with the best technical skillsets available for the fields we worked in. As we grew, we realised our work in the biophysical sciences needed to be complemented by social science and economic expertise for us to provide the best advice and outcomes for the organisations we worked with. We didn’t want to dilute the technical specialisation of Alluvium and following our philosophy we formed Mosaic Insights and Natural Capital Economics to help use deliver truly integrated products to our clients.

Each of the business within the Alluvium Group have their own governance and management arrangements but all operate within the Alluvium group ecosystem to ensure integrated products are delivered seamlessly. The combined skills and resources across the group are specially designed to support clients to solve complex and systematic challenges facing our society and environment.

The structure allows each venture to focus on its core business and attract the best staff. It is not beholden to a management structure which does not have an intimate understanding of the clients it services or the technical nature of the industry it operates in.

EcoFutures sits firmly within the biophysical part of our business, complementing our services in catchment restoration, environmental engineering and waterway modelling to address ecological planning at a landscape scale.

The venture is led by Dr. Paul Maxwell and supported by ecologists, spatial analysts, and strategic planning experts. Some of our current ecology focused work includes,

  • Managing the drivers of landscape scale change such as climate change and urbanisation to improve long term decision making for sites of biodiversity significance around Melbourne
  • Understanding the ecological needs of aquatic ecosystems in highly urbanised waterways for Brisbane City Council
  • Developing approaches to climate resilient vegetation including adaptive seed provenance strategies and applied techniques

Overall corporate structure

Much like our other ventures, EcoFutures will be served by an independent board and management structure, and ultimately report to the Alluvium Holdings Board.




Our new web page is on the way, but in the meantime please contact Paul Maxwell on 0432 981 028 or