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Issue 9

  • Hawkesbury climate change risk assessment and adaptation planning

  • Increasing climate resilience in Pacific Island Countries

  • Integrating environmental datasets into sensitivity mapping products

Issue 8

  • Aerial photo of Melbourne city

    Urban forests support our health, combat heat, and clean the air but need to be equitable, planned with evidence, and maintained

  • Cultural water knowledge key to adapting to climate change

  • Protecting the coasts we value for future generations

Issue 7

  • I am the river, and the river is me – Phil Duncan

  • Combining advocacy and science for positive change – Diane Tarte

  • Pushing Freshwater Horizons – Prof Barry Hart

Issue 6

  • Restoring Australian rivers by understanding and mimicking nature

  • Launch of EcoFutures – landscape scale ecology services

  • Drawing lessons from Australia’s experiences to support basin planning across Asia and the Pacific

Issue 5

  • New independent water and catchment policy centre

  • Do decision support tools effectively plan for future climate variations in the water resource sector?

  • Great places don’t just happen – the role of data in great urban planning and design

Issue 4

  • Can environmental conservation mitigate the impact of recession on regional Australia?

  • Rivers restored and kept healthy are more resilient to floods

  • Planning and policies needed now to cope with extreme heat

Issue 3

  • Re(connecting) urban rivers with nature

  • Modelling environmental water with climate change

  • The economic value of open space and urban waterways

Issue 2

  • Regional-scale mapping of fire severity and erosion risk

  • Managing impact of bushfire on catchments and water resources

  • Ecological restoration post-fire

Issue 1

  • Advancing river health science and economics in the Ayeyarwady River, Myanmar

  • Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS) for Queensland local governments