Bairnsdale is surrounded by unique and valuable natural assets Gippsland Lakes that is a listed Ramsar site. The lakes are an excellent example of a natural asset that delivers multiple benefits for the community being a place to relax, providing habitat for wildlife and a tourist destination that brings people and income to the town.

Alluvium was engaged to deliver the Integrated Water Management Plan with a focus on ensuring large land developments projects in the region comply with the EPA guidelines for best practice environmental management (BPEM) of urban stormwater.
This IWM Plan proved the basis for stormwater management in Bairnsdale and inform IWM principles that could be imbedded into existing planning and guideline documents for developers. The work also provided a replicable example for other towns the region.

Key components of the Plan included consideration to extending the use of recycled or alternative water sources through the town and particularly to the livestock exchange and Bairnsdale Oval and water and vegetation management

The IWM plan also informed stormwater management more generally in Bairnsdale, including providing clarity regarding IWM expectations for larger developments
1. to identify current water sources and management
2. to identify and prioritise integrated water management projects for the area
3. to develop initial business cases for high priority project ideas (2) including preliminary costings and potential cost share arrangements
4. to determine the lessons learnt from historical integrated water management projects in the area and how they may apply to prioritised future projects
5. to identify how aboriginal water values could be enhanced in the Bairnsdale region; and
6. to develop a clear and concise action plan to progress prioritised projects.