Blue-green corridors are connected open spaces that contain ‘blue’ waterways, wetlands and estuaries and ‘green’ open spaces that surround them. They form connected corridors through the landscape. The waterway network across Port Phillip and Westernport is a central component of the blue-green corridor network.
The network of waterways has been a critical element of city-scale planning in Melbourne since the early 20th Century. The Plan for General Development (1929) set out the direction for the development of the city for decades to come, recognised the value of Melbourne’s waterways as an open space network.

Melbourne Water engaged Mosaic Insights to develop a discussion paper to present options to the business for an integrated, joined up approach to considering the waterway network as a connected, city-scale recreation asset.
We assisted Melbourne Water’s Land and Collaborative Planning team to develop a high level blue-green corridor plan for the city. The plan was highly collaborative and set out options around roles, responsibilities and funding. The plan was designed to be a platform for enhanced clarity of roles, funding and partnership opportunities.