The COVID19 pandemic is impacting cities and societies globally. The scale and speed of disruption have been significant, and the economic and social impacts are uncertain and likely to persist for years. The direct impacts of the virus such as direct deaths, increased burden on the health system, increased mental health impacts, changes in organisation work arrangements and economic recession, are accompanied by the interaction with and impact on existing Megatrends such as population growth, urbanisation, knowledge economy and climate change.

However, our understanding of Megatrends has changed since the advent of COVID19 – this maybe the ultimate Black Swan event of our era. COVID19 has been the first human rapid change moment that has happened globally at all levels and through all elements of society within a short span of time and not generations as with other Megatrends.

The role of parks and open space will not be untouched by the COVID19 pandemic and changes in other Megatrends. The pandemic creates opportunities and challenges for the way parks and open space is funded, managed and promoted.

To take advantage of the opportunities and manage the challenges it is critical that authorities are well informed. Mosaic Insights was commissioned by the ACT Government to undertake a global and national research scan to provide a sound, well informed basis for decision-making in the ACT.