Urban forest and green infrastructure are becoming a mainstream response to threats to human health and wellbeing in urban areas. Mosaic Insights is bringing technologies and insights from our partnership with the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities and our own R&D investment to quantify the cooling benefits of green infrastructure and create actionable design insights that will make a difference on the ground.

We have recently completely the analysis and design of green-blue infrastructure in a large (>5 million people) greenfield city called Amravati in India. We worked with Foster and Partners to develop a WSUD and blue-green infrastructure strategy for key elements of the city.

More locally, we have analysed the improvement in thermal comfort created by the naturalisation of Arnolds Creek in Melton, Victoria. The transformation from a concrete channel and low quality open space to a natural, vegetated waterway surrounded by high quality green space will reduce peak temperatures by up to 7C.