Shepparton township to the north of Kialla, has been identified in the Hume Regional Growth Plan 2014 as a regional city and major growth area for the region; and one of ten regional cities in Victoria where significant growth will be supported under Plan Melbourne 2017-2050.

Greater Shepparton Shire Council engaged Alluvium to develop a stormwater drainage strategy (IWMP) for the 474ha Kialla North Growth Corridor to:

  • accommodate future urban growth through assessment and incorporation of IWM opportunities
  • develop functional designs for all water-related Infrastructure solutions that achieve optimised benefits with least impact on land features, land take, local values and people through –
  • multi-functional/multi-outcome solutions with broader community and council benefits
  • best practice services of the land and its future development, and
  • considering the wellbeing of the existing and future community.

This study will inform a future PSP (Precinct Structure Plan) and DCP (Development Contributions Plan) that in turn will direct sustainable growth of the area while responding to site water management challenges, preservation and/or enhancement of intrinsic values, and working with the existing topographic constraints – a predominantly flat, flood prone riverine landscape of the Broken River