The Mary River through Kenilworth has been identified as containing endangered Mary River turtle nesting habitat and habitat for the endangered Mary River Cod. The study area has undergone significant land use pressures since European settlement. Riparian and floodplain vegetation has been predominately cleared and there has been extensive extraction of the alluvial sands and gravels from the channel. The changes have resulted in significant channel widening (approx. 40 -60 m) and channel straightening since the 1950s which has resulted in an estimated 1,900,000 m³ (9 m³ /m/year) of sediment export from this reach. The reach is considered one of the most actively eroding reaches in the Great Barrier Reef catchments.

In 2014 – 2015 Alluvium worked with a range of stakeholders to develop a restoration plan. The plan made costed, prioritized recommendations for the management of riparian, instream and floodplain zones.

Since the development of the plan the key stakeholders have implemented over $5M of works in the reach including major bank and floodplain stabilisation works and extensive riparian management works including fencing, stock management and riparian planting. These works have resulted in significant improvement in riparian condition along this reach and protection and enhancement of Mary River turtle and Mary River Cod habitat.