The Moreland Open Space Strategy 2012-2022 identified the need to construct a wetland for stormwater management, and improved fauna and flora habitat in the vicinity of Merri and Edgars Creeks. An area of existing open space near the confluence of the creeks was identified as the most suitable site.

Alluvium, with project partners including TBLD, developed the wetland design from concept through to detailed design and documentation. The primary purpose of the wetland is to provide habitat and assist in the reintroduction of a range of locally native flora and fauna, whilst also improving the quality of water entering the Merri and Edgars Creek. Prior to European settlement ephemeral wetland environments would have been commonplace along waterways such as the Merri Creek.

Constructed in 2016 the design is an attempt to recreate a habitat which is no longer present within Moreland, and achieves a net increase in biodiversity and improves water quality.  The wetland design focused on complementing the existing natural open space experience of both Merri and Edgars Creek so valued by many in the local community.