This aim of this project was to provide environmental water to support ecological and cultural objectives in the mid reaches of the Goulburn River in central Victoria.

Alluvium in collaboration with traditional owners reviewed 12 off-channel habitat locations and refined this to 6 sites where a combined ecological and cultural assessment was conducted to test the feasibility and benefit of delivering water.

This project facilitated close collaboration between Taungurung Land and Waters Council and the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority in order to refine the selection of sites and develop a design response. Central to the development of this project was an acknowledgement that cultural objectives were the primary focus and that ecological objectives were assessed in order to support cultural objectives. Key to the success of this project was the establishment of principles that acknowledged the primacy of cultural objectives.

This element was crucial in developing a collaborative working relationship with Taungurung Land and Waters Council. Ecological aspects considered included a range of fauna values with specific importance to Taungurung with an emphasis on fish ecology and the rehabilitation of habitat for iconic species. Vegetation was assessed with a focus on traditional uses and the way in which hydrology could be managed to improve the abundance and distribution of plants used for cultural purposes.

This assessment lead to design options to manage hydrology for 3 sites with a supporting natural resource management program focused on exotic species management and revegetation.