Alluvium was engaged by MDBA into develop an integrated Monitoring and Evaluation Program (MEP) (including program logic, key evaluation questions and measures).

We subsequently worked with the MDBA MEP team to develop a consistent, best practice, evidence based approach to monitoring, evaluation and review for; water quality and salinity, ecosystems, groundwater, trade and socio economic data.

Key deliverables for the project included examination of the relevance of current programs to MEP program logic outcomes and associated key evaluation questions.

Further detail of the technical components of each of the measures in the MEP was developed through a series of subsequent projects titled ‘Technical Guidelines to the Basin Plan MEP and we worked with MDBA directly to produce guidelines on many of matters for evaluation and reporting listed in Schedule 12 to the Basin Plan. This work continued at intervals through much of 2012 to 2018 as both the nature of the Matters and type and extent of guidance around their monitoring, evaluation and reporting was refined in consultation with the Basin States