Alluvium provided advice on coastal processes and protection works to Mackay Regional Council, in relation to an options assessment for connecting the transport link along Binnington Esplanade at Town Beach. Completion of this ‘missing link’ would likely enhance accessibility, use and liveability values of the Mackay waterfront area. Mackay Regional Council were considering various options for the road alignment and the public realm adjacent to the road.

A key component of this investigation was to consider the implications of coastal hazards, including the updated Erosion Prone Area extent, for the missing link road/realm alignment options. Potential implications on coastal processes and drainage were also considered.

Discussions with State on recent updates to the Erosion Prone Area, and implications for the approved development and required coastal protection works, further informed the options assessment. The assessment also included site inspection, review of the existing work to date, values assessment and a historical shoreline analysis as well as the development of preliminary concept designs of protection works.