Aakash Malik is a proficient GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist with seven years of experience focusing on applying geospatial and data science technologies in projects related to environmental issues, urban growth, water access, water resilience, water quality and the restoration of water bodies at city and catchment scale.

He has developed a range of advanced data products tailored for clients. His expertise encompasses the creation of dynamic dashboards, intricate maps, engaging Story Maps, and sophisticated visualizations showcasing his diverse skill set in data visualization and analytics.

Bringing extensive expertise as part of his previous engagement with the World Resources Institute, Aakash has led impactful projects across diverse regions and sectors. A few important contributions include performing geospatial analysis and capacity building for Punjab’s eco-city development, providing crucial insights into land surface temperature, water stress, and groundwater decline. Additionally, Aakash has collaborated with organizations such as DANIDA and DFAT to assess water quality parameters in African cities for basin restoration projects and developed spatial data repositories to shortlist priority sites for Delhi’s water security initiatives. He also played a pivotal role in leveraging Google Earth Engine to analyze urban water resilience trends in a few African cities. At the same time, for the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) funded project, he co-developed the Nature-Based Solutions frameworks to address urban water challenges.